ARCHOS 18 Vision 8GB MP3/MP4 Player with FM


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Product Description

With the ARCHOS 18 vision, you’ll have a nice and elegant MP3/MP4 player that you can always fit in one of your pockets. While holding the product in your hand, you will surely appreciate its nice soft-touch black case. The ARCHOS 18 vision is approximately the same size as a credit card and is equipped with a bright 1.8 inch TFT screen and intuitive buttons allowing you to easily navigate through the different menus and files.
Listen to music: With the ARCHOS 18 vision, you will be able to carry your entire music library anywhere you go. Depending on the model, this product has a capacity of 4GB (the equivalent of 2,000 songs) or 8GB (the equivalent of 4,000 songs) to store and
Listen to FM radio: If your music library isn’t enough for you, then switch your ARCHOS 18 vision to its FM radio. You can set FM presets to access your preferred FM stations more rapidly.
Watch a little video: If you’re a fan of music videos or those hilarious videos sent to you by email, then put them on the ARCHOS 18 vision and share them with your friends regardless of where you are. Store a few of them or a couple dozen (converted to
View photos: It’s always nice to have your photos with you to show anytime. You can put your JPEG or BMP formatted photos on the ARCHOS to show pictures of the kids, friends, or the holidays. The ARCHOS 18 vision will become your tiny little personal phot
Record your memos: If you need to remember something and you don’t have a piece of paper to note it down on, why not just record your voice? The built-in microphone will record your voice memos or any idea that you can’t get down on paper.


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